The is established as brand name in travel industry that specializes on professional business and travel management services. With the established in 2015, Bidesh Yatra and Business and Travel Management Services Pvt. Ltd has occupied 2nd Floor building at City Centre, a modern shopping complex, popular at heart of Kathmandu with the adequate car parking facilities, cinema hall and other shopping mall. The also has its offices in Durbar Marg, 2nd Floor, Capitol Building register as Sangeet Travel Pvt. Ltd and Kalanki office located near SBI Bank and Makalu Petrol Pump.
The business and travel services at The can seek a professional and easy guide for travelers seeking best and affordable packages for CANADA, AUSTRALIA, USA, Europe, JAPAN, SINGAPORE, Malaysia and Thailand. The journey include business visit as Trade Fair, Attend Conference, Business Meetings and leadership management programs, Tour Packages including Ticketing, Hotel booking and insurances. We also provide expert guidance on travel Plan, Visa support, Tour and cost management.

Our Vision

Our simple, easy and quick standard service makes us easy to build our vision for many decades. By satisfying innumerable customers, we will built strong foundation and recognize the leaders in business and travel management industry.

Our Mission

The is creating a channel bridge whereby a large number of visitors facilitate from need of travel technology and advancement of corporate world.


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